Jeff Herrera

Pro/Elite Mountain Bike Racer / Cat 2 Road Racer
UCI License: CRC19780505
Desamparados, San José
Costa Rica

Skype: minnetico

2012 Targeted Events

AMPM National Cup, XCO, February-July                                                   Costa Rica

Endurance Cup, XCM, February-September                                                 Costa Rica

Reto de Los Volcanes Stage Race, April                                                       Alajuela, Costa Rica

Marathon UCI World Cup, XCM, June                                                         Caldera, Costa Rica

Latin American Championship, XCM, September                                         San José, Costa Rica

La Ruta de Los Conquistadores, November                                                  Jaco, Costa Rica

Costa Rica National Championships, XCO and XCM                                  Cartago, Costa Rica


2011 Results

La Ruta de Los Conquistadores Champion, Master A                                   Limon, Costa Rica

Latin American MTB Marathon Champion, UCI Master A                          San Jose, Costa Rica

1st Copa Endurance #6, Master A                                                                   San Jose, Costa Rica

1st AZ State Series #1, McDowell Meltdown – Pro                                       Fountain Hills, AZ

1st AZ State Series #3, Globe Grind – Pro                                                     Globe, AZ

1st 12 Hours of Papago, 4-men Open                                                              Phoenix, AZ

2nd AZ State Criterium Championship – Masters 30+                                    Phoenix, AZ

3rd 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo – 4-men Open                                               Tucson, AZ

3rd Focus Grand Prix, Crit – Masters 30+                                                       Gilbert, AZ

4th Avondale Criterium #2 – Master 30+                                                        Avondale, AZ

6th Avondale Criterium #2 – Pro/1/2                                                               Avondale, AZ

9th place Bonelli Park ProXCT, Short Track – Pro                                         San Dimas, CA

10th place Whiskey Off- Road – Pro                                                              Prescott, AZ

10th place Copa Nacional AMPM – UCI Elite                                               Cartago, Costa Rica

11th place Copa Marathon – Elite                                                                   San Jose, Costa Rica

18th place Fontana ProXCT, Short Track – Pro                                              Fontana, CA

19th place AZ State Criterium Championship – Cat 1/2                                 Phoenix, AZ

21st place Bonelli Park ProXCT, Super D – Pro                                             San Dimas, CA

22nd place Bonelli Park ProXCT, XC – UCI Pro                                            San Dimas, CA

30th place Valley of the Sun Stage Race – Cat 2                                            Phoenix, AZ

31st place Old Pueblo Grand Prix, Criterium – Pro/1/2                                  Tucson, AZ

50th place Fontana ProXCT – XC – UCI Pro                                                 Fontana, CA



Other Notable Results

Arizona State MTB Champion, Pro – 2010                                                    Flagstaff, AZ

Arizona State Hill Climb Champion, Cat 3 – 2009                                        Safford, AZ

Arizona State Mountain Bike Series Champion – Expert 2007                     Prescott, AZ

Minnesota State Mountain Bike Series Champion – Sport 2004                   Maplelag, MN

1st place 24 Hours of Fury, 4-men Open – 2010                                             Fountain Hills, AZ

1st place 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, 4-men Open – 2009                            Tucson, AZ

1st place 24 Hours of Fury, 4-men Open – 2009                                             Fountain Hills, AZ

1st place Barn Burner 104, Coed Duo – 2009                                                 Flagstaff, AZ

1st place Payson Stampede 24 Hours, 4-men Open – 2008                            Payson, AZ

1st place Payson Stampede 50, Open 2007                                                     Payson, AZ

2nd place Whiskey Off-Road 50, Open – 2010                                               Prescott, AZ

2nd place Arizona State Cyclocross Championship, Master 30+ – 2010         Phoenix, AZ

2nd place Arizona State Mountain Bike Series – Pro/Semi-Pro 2008              Flagstaff, AZ

2nd place National Mountain Bike Series, Expert 2007                                  Snowmass, CO

2nd place 24 Hours of Afton, Solo – 2005                                                      Afton, MN

3rd place Tour of the White Mountains, Open – 2010                                    Show Low, AZ

3rd place Barn Burner 104, Duo Male – 2010                                                 Flagstaff, AZ

3rd place 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, 4-man Open – 2010                            Tucson, AZ

3rd place Sea Otter Road Circuit Race, Cat 3 -2010                                       Monterey, CA

3rd place Arizona State Championship Road Race, Cat 4 -2009                    Globe, AZ

3rd place Payson Stampede 24 Hours Solo – 2006                                         Payson, AZ

4th place Arizona State Championship Road Race, Cat 3 – 2010                  Globe, AZ

4th place Single Track Bike Shop Omnium, Cat 3 – 2010                              Flagstaff, AZ

5th place Arizona State Mountain Bike Series – Pro 2009                              Flagstaff, AZ

5th place Capitol Reef Classic Stage Race, Cat 3 – 2009                               Torey, UT

16th place US Cup Bonelli Park Short Track, Pro – 2010                               San Dimas, CA

22nd place US Cup Bonelli Park Super D, Pro – 2010                                    San Dimas, CA

26th place ProXCT Fontana Short-Track, Pro – 2010                                     Fontana, CA

27th place ProXCT Fontana UCI XC, Pro – 2010                                          Fontana, CA

33rd place US Cup Bonelli Park XC, Pro – 2010                                            Fontana, CA

47th Sea Otter UCI XC, Pro – 2010                                                               Monterey, CA